Greenpeace is one of the largest and most famous environmental organizations in the world, with a vast variety of different target projects, one of which is voluntary fire fighting. The problem of forest fires in enormous territories of east Eurasia is a global danger for all mankind. Making our humble contribution to solve it, together with Greenpeace we’ve developed a web-portal that makes the process of recruiting, training and attracting new volunteers simple and effective.

Web-portal contains many different sections with a convenient navigation to direct both those who already use our site as a knowledge base regularly, and those who just begin to learn about the problem and their own potential role in preventing and fighting it.

Through unity and involvement to real social impact

One of the main goals of the web-platform is support of grassroots self-organization. Right on the site, you can find out about the past achievements of voluntary teams, find out if there are such teams in your city and join them. If a volunteer group has not yet been formed, the site will help you start it immediately.

One of the most important segments of the site is dedicated to environmental education, especially for children. The site has many videos and even games to help them learn the basics of fighting and preventing wildfires. Training and advanced self-testing on the topic is also necessary and of course available for adults too.

We've implemented a complete educational course developed in cooperation with fire specialists and professional methodologists. The course consists of a series of lessons that include videos, illustrations and other additional materials. To consolidate knowledge after each lesson we use testing, and at the end of the course we provided an exam.

Effective communication and an attentive attitude

Struggling to maximum usability for our visitors, we analyze their preferences and wishes. In particular, this is why we've implemented a dark and light theme, like on the best news media.

The site is designed to look modern and stylish, yet our priorities were stable functioning on weak internet connection, perfectly adapted for mobile devices and large screens for broadcast in classrooms. We even provided the possibility for convenient printing of materials from the site.

Small steps to big changes

The Greenpeace team expressed their gratitude to us and we signed an agreement to continue our cooperation on digital communication support for significant projects, which is a great honor for our company.