Our services

Website & Platform

Most questions and troubles these days find their resolution in one google search. We develop such resolutions in the form of web sites for your clients.

Mobile App’s development

If there is something really futuristic in our lives it’s how we use little pieces of glass and steel like they truly are parts of us. But it’s not the phone that changes our lives but what’s inside it. Apps augment our minds

Branding & Positioning

Branding and Positioning is essential for companies to establish and maintain a strong market position. 

Growth marketing

By generating and testing hypotheses, we structure and analyze user behavior unique for your project, to find communicational solutions that exceed growth expectations.

We work with company from all over the world

  • Microsoft
  • Heinz
  • IKEA
  • Visa
  • BDDO
  • YIT

How we work


It's self explanatory but we believe in a performance-oriented approach. Every step we’ll suggest will be clearly justified by reasonable and measurable metrics and a rational strategy for achieving them. We do not waste time, we aim for the stars.


Trust is the basis of productive cooperation. Detailed, verifiable, and accessible information about all ongoing workflows is the way to build that trust. We use a flexible organizing approach but strict rules for compliance with agreements.