The solution was developed on the basis of one of the founders' doctoral dissertations. The initial implementation of the project was based in a dental clinic owned by the founders. Now the project is preparing for extensive international implementation and promotion among medical organizations and private practices.

The application is designed primarily for children with autism spectrum disorders, but is suitable for a vast variety of children and even adults. The project combines dozens of proven practices into a patented method of psychological state control during medical treatment.

Our function was the overall technical development. The complexity of such a solution lies in the serious restrictions imposed on medical projects. Especially in the context of sensitive topics such as digital products for children with special needs. 

Our most important task was to exclude any possible harm under any circumstances. Therefore, each step on the project was thoroughly designed in collaboration with a scientific team of practicing doctors and managers working in the clinic with a specialization on special kids.

One mobile app to serve them all

The solution was developed for three user audiences. For doctors and medical centers personnel as system operators, who must quickly implement our project in their daily processes, simplify and upgrade their work. For parents who need easy access to communication with clinics, useful information and practice of preparing the child for medical care. And of course for the children themselves, for whom the application should become a soothing companion without becoming a substitute for human contact.

Build trust through data driven insight

We’ve prepared customizable survey templates for enrolling each child. Through a series of simple questions and further data collection, our application creates a digital medical record of the child with advanced data on his health status, behavioral characteristics, preferences, and even the level of trust in certain doctors.

The application is also focused on skills and habits training that is necessary for a successful treatment. This includes patience training, tolerance to irritants development, understanding of procedures and trust in the attending physician. Friendly interface makes training enjoyable and a detailed history combined with reaction analysis allows doctors to correctly predict the child's behavior during procedures and avoid crises.

Not without ingenuity and innovation

Apart from training, the application includes a whole set of simple games, divided into two types. Rewarding games that act as a motivating factor for the child to continue procedures while visiting the clinic, and calming games that distract from stress factors. The application indicates when it is time to play in a particular game. All games are customized for the child both by visual content and the difficulty.

The application has its own music player with preset collections to control emotions in various situations. The player works in background mode, so that the user can have access to other functionality while listening to music.

Application designed with respect and care

One of the key sections of the application is devoted to preparing the child for the key stress triggers, to make the clinic as friendly and homelike as possible. To achieve this goal we use both a detailed sensor map and a “virtual journey”, a panoramic photos clinic walkthrough and a special article for the parent. These materials allow the child to get acquainted with the clinic in advance, and the parent to prepare for possible unexpected situations and reactions.

The application contains detailed information about practitioners, from general information about their specialization to voice samples and videos for pre-demonstration to a child. Parents can also make appointments or contact doctors online through the application.

Good companion for kids, professional tool for doctors

For medical centers and doctors a key tool is their individual virtual office. After purchasing a license, any authorized employee can easily fill in all the necessary data and set up the system for a quick launch. No special knowledge is required. The entire setup process is accompanied by instructions and tips to avoid mistakes, which is also facilitated by a thoughtful interface.

An extensive personal account allows clients to fully manage and track the processes associated with the implementation of the service and practices. The system allows not only to organize meetings, download publications or store patient data. This makes it possible to control the dynamics and form an individual relationship with each patient, opening the way to a whole new level of trust and compliance.

From small improvements to big changes

The solution we created together with the client started as a scientific studies and a small digital optimization project for a private clinic, turned into a global technological product and a start-up on its way to expansion in the international market.